…message ends?


Part of a continuing exploration of the photograph as memory, alongside The unreliability of memory at sea level, …message ends? considers the flimsy physical nature of the printed photograph and the effect of its destruction on the memory that photograph represents.


It has been said that photography is for people with no memory; the photograph becomes the aide-memoire or even becomes the memory itself: no Kodak moment, no moment.  But studies have revealed that the act of taking a photograph can dilute or even negate the memory of the moment captured in the image. Still, the physical photograph remains valuable in the mind and its destruction raises many questions.


Does the photograph’s subject matter?  Why is there an inbuilt resistance or anxiety towards its destruction? Is the memory of the moment damaged by destruction ? Is that memory lost altogether because the photograph was the memory?


Andy used the series Joyce had never been abroad before for his degree show and it was subsequently exhibited at Free Range in Brick Lane, London.