• Andy Whysall

Early degree show planning

There are 18 third-year students. We decided to call the degree show Open Format. The other favourite alternative was Light Leak. We agreed to meet every Friday where possible, 1200 in Home Studio after morning session. We agreed four working groups to cover organisation, fundraising, publicity and marketing and design. I am in the latter two, but I also said I would get in touch with some of the big businesses in Carlisle where I have/had contacts to ask for sponsorship.

I emailed Stobarts; Story Contracting; Peter Tyson; Sainsburys; Cumberland Building Society; Bendalls Engineering; Carrs Group; Newsquest (publisher of News and Star and Cumbria Life). I also emailed Jennings brewery at Cockermouth (now part of the wealthy Marstons empire) to ask if they would sponsor the hospitality at Open Format AND at Free Range. More on Free Range later, I feel I haven't had time to even think about that properly yet. I have more sponsorship requests to send, this time to more personal contacts.

One firm said it was already committed on sponsorship for the year. Automatic responses came back from the Cumberland, Storys and Stobarts saying the application would be considered at their next charity/sponsorship meeting. The Cumberland also sends your application back so you at least know what you wrote.

I offered to work up a website. I already had my own Wix account and had long experience around their editor software. My web-platform for The unreliability... seemed to be universally appreciated last semester. I hope I can make something as popular for Open Format.

It’s fair to say there’s a decent amount of enthusiasm for the FMP project forward. We agreed to organise bake sales and at least one quiz. We will launch an online fundraiser. Kickstarter seems to be the most popular route since it seems to be popular with the art community. I wonder if gofundme might be a better idea since kickstarter seems to be 'all or nothing' inasmuch as you set a target and if you don't meet it you get nothing from your would-be sponsors; gofundme can be open-ended.

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