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Judith Roche-Chadane

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

The Pre-Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti took to wearing two pairs of glasses at a time to help ease his eye strain. It is said each pair had different coloured lenses. Yeah baby, yeah.

The French sculptor and artist Judith Roche-Chadane wears three pairs of glasses to give her varying close-up vision. Her work ranges from epic in scale to tiny and delicate. Much of it reflects aspects of dance. Her small atelier-gallery in Honfleur is busily stocked, for want of a better word. I say that because while the work is for sale it is hard to call it stock; she is clearly emotionally attached to it.

Judith was trained a a sculptor in Paris and New York; as a child of Spanish parents in Morocco in what I take to have been the later 1940s and early '50s she was trained in flamenco. She is keen to talk about art, the universe and everything.

In her small atelier she offers fizz. We drink and chat. I ask if I can photograph her and I take 50 photographs. She moves her head a lot, the room is fairly dim, lit by a French door with no direct light an a small desk lamp. Shutter speeds are slow even at f1.2 and I don't want to push the ISO up. So some of the images have movement blur...and that doesn't matter one bit, because it just underlines the zest for life and art and good humour of the lovely Judith Roche-Chadane.

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