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Open Format - the degree show happens

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Having spent small eternities installing and invigilating other people's exhibitions when I worked in a museum, I feel I need to say that installing and invigilating my own was an altogether different experience.

It's fair to say that the 18 of us did, in the end, a decent job of repainting the walls of the three photography studios at UoC Brampton Road. OK, so in some areas the floors got repainted as well. The cleaners were very good natured about it. In public.

Almost everybody mucked in, and most asked for a bit of advice on hanging heights and spacings, which gave the whole thing more of a sense of unity than in the past couple of years' degree shows. Take down was quick and easy and nine of us had to pack our work up for Free Range at the Truman Brewery, in Brick Lane in London, three weeks later. More on that in the next post.

We had a jar for donations towards our Free Range costs and in the end collected just a few pounds short of the cost of the catalogues for Free Range. Result on that.

I'm not going to ramble on about the degree show. Here are some images to give you a sense of it. You can also see more on www.openformatuoc.net. Free Range is also linked from there.

It probably goes without saying that the whole shebang was made easier by my museum work experience. It meant I could get my work on the wall in double quick time and then I buckled down to helping some of the others with theirs.

It was difficult to be able to predict the response (especially when, if you're like me, in that you never really like your own work anyway), but it's fair to say it was a good show with good work in it. Plenty of people thought so. Prof. Robert came by on the opening night and seemed pleased with what had come about as the result of that tutorial in ...February was it?

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