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Progress on the degree show

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

A quick update really, on where we are with the degree show.

There's more than me got my printing done already and are waiting to get them mounted onto various substrates. Typically, I have that nagging doubt that all is well with my prints (it will be obvious if that's the case because they're a metre high and even though I've been over them for blemishes I wouldn't doubt for a minute that I've missed something).

A lot of people seem to be buying their dibond and foamex etc. from cutplasticsheeting.co.uk who do group order discounts. Their drawback is that they have a minimum order of £60 with a surcharge if you order less than that, so that group discount or just one big individual order is a great thing. My dibond was more than £160 on top of the £96 for the prints. Yes, gasp.

The committee has been doing a sterling job on bringing the funding in, it is fair to say. We've had cake sales to raise a decent sum of money; we had a gofundme page which brought in the £500 we aimed for; we've got an up-to-date website; we've got what looks like a decent brochure more or less ready for printing and postcards too. The university donated £500 for which we were very grateful. Overall there's around £1,400 in the kitty.

It's interesting who in Carlisle's big-business community hasn't wanted to help us out. That's basically everybody who was asked. But I understand where they're coming from because these days folk are only too ready to ask for backing from where the money is, some causes are greater than others. A student photo show is not a massive lasting benefit to a community. This response from Story Construction is typical of what's come back to me:

What's great is that we have some small business sponsorship, from a bar, a tattoo parlour, an art and photography experience business and a set-up that helps Japanese companies trade in Britain.

Still to do? Getting the vinyls/acrylics ordered for artist statements and other things to stick on the gallery walls alongside the work. In fact getting the photographic studios painted so they can be used as galleries is coming up too. No small job. Looking forward to the opening night though. It'll be great, although we might end up having to buy opening night refreshments out of the kitty because so far nobody has appeared keen to sponsor our bar. Still working on that.

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