• Andy Whysall

So, not going to Venice then

Over Christmas, I was shortlisted for a British Council Venice Fellowship. I didn’t get it, but the process was interesting and it gave me something out of the ordinary to do some preliminary research on. E-mail feedback said I had been ‘particularly high-performing’ in the interview, but detailed feedback wasn’t available. In a way it was a relief; while I would have been completely prepared to put in the extra work required in advance of the event, it would have been an awful lot on top of the final semester work and Free Range.

I was pleased with my basic 100-word proposal for a research project for the fellowship...to investigate how Venice’s historical (apparently) reputation as a place of refuge in difficult times has been damaged by its inability to cope with the demands put upon it by modern times, not lease by the refugee influx. Maybe they felt I was leaning too far towards journalism (although at the interview I described Heartfield/Hoch type collages). Or maybe they thought I was experienced enough in gallery work already and somebody else should have the opportunity. They said age didn't matter... speculate...speculate... I'll get over it.

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