• Andy Whysall

That moment of uncertainty

Over the whole Christmas break I have been contemplating how to develop the themes associated with The unreliability of memory at sea level for Semester 2 and the Final Major Project (find The unreliability…linked from www.andywhysall.com). I think the decision to carry on with the memory theme might not have been the right thing to go with, but there is plenty of scope in it and at this point I think I can narrow it down to something that will work.

The thinking on memory started in May 2018 when I set about my summer project. It's fair to say a quite epic amount of thinking went into it. Apparently, I think far too much, especially in the middle of the night when I ought to be asleep, but I find it pays off, especially if I remember to write it all down.

The unreliability... was one thing, already bound up in critical theory, but developing the research into something else taking it a step further, is another. I'll stick with it if you will.

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