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The Open Format Website

I volunteered, the team was happy. I already had a Wix account with my own website and had long experience around their editor software. I offered to build the site in a way that it could develop easily as people completed their final project work.

The site went live on 26 February. A home page acting as a poster, with exhibition logo (designed by Ed Bedding and the popular choice from a good number of designs), dates and times etc and a link to an ‘about’ page, further linked to ‘the photographers’ and ‘contact’ pages. An about page The photographers page is based on the design of galleries page of my own website...each photographer has a small frame with their name in it, and hovering reveals part of an image. Clicking it goes to that image in a left-right scrolling gallery of all 18 images, each with a web link to the relevant photographer. As each develops their project the click will take the visitor to a full gallery by each photographer. See it in action at www.openformatuoc.net Alternatively here are the four pages:

Initially this was built within my Wix account and was linked from my domain, from www.andywhysall.com, and while my site is paid-for and has no adverts, the new one did. The team agreed that we would pay for it from fundraising. There was a special deal, the domain free for a year, and the site about £72 including VAT, so about £6 a month. I suggested that to keep the group money in the bank up, I would pay for it myself. That's my contribution to the fundraising so far.

Edit: As time has gone on we have developed a kickstarter fundraising page (more elsewhere) but that has been linked from the home and about pages. I have also linked it from the home page of my own website and asked the others to do likewise.

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