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What a hiatus!

I CAN believe it, and it really IS more than a year since I added to this blog without hurrumphing and deleting it without publishing. It's shocking bad form, maybe not for you, 'cos it's not exactly the most visited blog on the Interweb, but for me because I really do actually find the blog useful. Like the big voice in the cinema tells us before the movie, sitting in the dark 'focusses the mind'. I always mumble 'it bloody doesn't' under my breath, but the writing the blog achieves what the big cinema voice can't. It does.

I got in a grump after I finished my BA. Was OK till probably the end of September, say a year and two weeks ago, and then I just got fed up with life the universe and everything. The uni knocked my MA Photography course on the head to save money, and that kind of knocked me a bit off kilter. Then at Christmas we had to have miserable turkey again, and that never helps (just joking dear). In January - to try to get some kind of creativity going - I resumed work on another ship model that had gone on hold during my MA. And THEN lockdown arrived and life's just ticked along since.

Dear reader, you probably find the models more interesting than the photography, so here's HMS Seahorse (Artois-class frigate) as she stands at the moment, along with one or two of her boats that I turn to making when the Mother Ship is getting on my nerves. Contrary to what some will tell you, it's not really relaxing, making models, when you are trying to build something that can't be told from the real thing (not that the real thing still exists in this case)....Sometimes it is exhausting. So here she is as of right now, 16/10/2020, and a couple of her boats as well (larger boat is 11cm long, smaller 8cm, three more to make). The blurry little guy at the back on the second pic is 2.5cm high...a 5ft 6ish (stress on the ish) man at 1/64 scale. Painting still to be tidied on the boats...

Yeah, so stick to the models, they're better than the photography. Ha. Well enjoy the pics because the job is on hold for another two years......

I have started an MA in Contemporary Fine Art. I concluded, with the assistance of Drs Katrin Joost and John Darwell that fine art is a good way to take my work and its associated ideas. You might remember Joyce had never been abroad before and The unreliability of memory at sea level. Both were more than firmly rooted in photographic theory - notably about the dubious physicality of the printed 2-D image which is a powerful container despite its flimsiness) and how that floppy piece of paper holds amazing power over us. Or did when we printed photographs as a matter of course. So is the digital on-screen image any less controlling? That, broadly, is the direction the MA is heading in.

(By the way the things you can seen behind the desk, with the FRAGILE stickers on them, are my final degree show Joyce had never...., wrapped up and ready for a buyer. Yours for a grand, sterling. Plus carriage unless you're within delivery distance. You need a min of a 4-metre wall for best effect. Contact me through the website, which you can reach through the home link at the top of this page.).

I'm a photographer, I know that cos HMRC tells me I am, but this last year I reckon I have taken three dozen pictures (for myself) of any worth. It's bloody tragic. I kind of felt the creative spark dragging on the floor and finally coming off and falling into the gutter. Anyway, I have ideas at long last. Maybe because I've put myself into a postition where I HAVE TO HAVE ideas. And that can only be good.

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