• Andy Whysall

Whittling my FMP to a focus

The Final Major Project has taken a couple of turns and is gradually thinning down in its concept. The immersive, enclosed space idea is increasingly less appealing; it’s kind of overblown and I feel it’ll be that way for the sake of it more than anything else. Less appealing also because I have enough on my plate outside university as well. I am now aiming at something much more simple, on-the-wall rather than off it. I have considered taking further the collage ideas from The unreliability and making them properly auto-biographical. I was far from committed to the idea and some peer review feedback put paid to it.

That drove me towards something that would have been subsidiary to the other work, and that is looking at what happens when the photograph/memory is destroyed. I have booked a tutorial with Prof. Robert Williams to discuss a way forward.

A whole module this semester is devoted to the-exhibition-and-how-to-do-it (more specifically on the module elsewhere). While I have a lot of professional experience in exhibition installation in a museum, I have only ever organised and hung one show of my own. It was a mixed selection of landscape and more quirky travel photography, chosen really to try to please everybody. I sold two, which out of, I think 16, wasn't a bad hit rate.

My show at Off The Wall, Brampton, 2015.

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